Sylivia Pankhurst Memorial Lecture




Wortley Hall
S35 7DB

Event Information

The Sylvia Pankhurst
Memorial Committee

Sylvia Pankhurst
on War
Rachel Holmes


What did Sylvia Pankhurst think about war? She lived through every major conflict of the
twentieth century, from the bloody Anglo-Boer clash to Vietnam. A pacifist who opposed the
First World War, she supported the Ethiopian fight for freedom against Mussolini’s
imperialism and the anti-fascist struggle against Nazism in the Second World War. She
regarded the fight against class, race and gender inequality as her life’s work, pledging “to
fight capitalism even if it kills me”. Pankhurst’s life was riven by disagreements over war with
her own family and across the British suffragette and labour movements. Examining Sylvia
Pankhurst’s evolving philosophy of war in theory and practice over seven decades of her life,
this lecture will demonstrate what her example can teach us today.

Sponsored by the Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee, the National Assembly of
Women, and Wortley Hall. The lecture will be followed by light refreshments.

The lecture begins at 7.00pm
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