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Choose a Yorkshire Wedding

Why Wed in Yorkshire?

Your wedding day should be the most magical, breath-taking and memorable day of your life, but with weddings in London now costing an average of £42,000, many couples are being forced to give up on their dreams because of a lack of budget.

However, savvy Londoners who refuse to compromise on their special day are taking their weddings up north to Yorkshire, where they can achieve their dream wedding for a quarter of what they would pay in London, meaning more money for the honeymoon or house deposit.

Couple on their Wedding Day at Wortley Hall Garden Standing by the picturesque Lake

Beautiful Yorkshire offers a wide range of extraordinary wedding venues from traditional stately homes to charming wedding barns or even scenic seaside spots. Yorkshire is the largest county in the United Kingdom and is accessible to all, as it spans across the middle of the country with fantastic transport links by road, rail and air, meaning guests far and wide can all attend.

And when you choose to tie the knot in God’s Own Country, you are sure to be met with a friendly face, as the people of Yorkshire pride themselves on great hospitality.

Wedding couple stood under oak tree by pond

If you’re used to ‘big city’ life in the Capital, venturing North to Yorkshire can be a refreshing break. Fall in love with the scenery that has inspired some of our greatest literary works and artists, try the local delicacies (think home-made Bakewell Tarts and Yorkshire Puddings!) and take in the rich history of castles, stately homes, moors and villages.
Here at Wortley Hall, we take great pride in our Yorkshire heritage – our 26 acres of picturesque grounds reflect the true charm of our beautiful county. We cater for many different kinds of weddings, throughout the year – in the warmer months, guests can explore and enjoy our gardens, and when winter comes around, our stately rooms are ideal for keeping wedding guests cosy, with our grand interior and roaring fires. And every wedding held here has exclusive access to our Hall for the duration of the wedding, meaning that you and your guests can enjoy your time here as if it were your own home.

When you are choosing the perfect wedding venue, don’t compromise – say ‘I do’ somewhere that will hold special meaning for you and your guests, and can be revisited in years to come to relive the romance and splendour of your special day. Yorkshire truly is the heart of England, and here at Wortley Hall, we would be delighted to be the place where your heart will always belong.

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